How to Measure Your Cushions


Our Custom Slipcovers for Seat Cushions are custom made items, made from your provided measurements. Because they are not returnable, we suggest performing the following test before ordering:

Order one of our tuck-in styles and confirm that it is right for your furniture and decor. When you order, indicate that you might be interested in ordering custom cushion covers and we will set aside matching fabric for two weeks after your slipcover is shipped, with no obligation. After fitting the slipcover on your furniture (see our Slipcover Tuck Instructions) and using it as a fully tucked cover for a few days, try placing the cushions on top of the cover (see our Slipcover Fitting with Custom Cushions). This will simulate how the cover will work with custom covered cushions. Confirm that you will be satisfied with the slipcover fit. Once covered with our custom covers, the fit of each cushion should be similar to the original covers. Try using the furniture that way to confirm that the configuration is working for you. You will find that very little re-positioning and tucking of the slipcover is necessary, even with heavy use of the furniture. After a few days of using the Tuck-in Slipcover in this way, if you are happy with its appearance and functionality then you are ready to order custom covers!

If you are ordering one of our lighter color fabrics such as cotton canvas ivory and the furniture you are covering is dark: test for visible show-through before ordering covered cushions. Uncover the cushions to show the muslin. Replace the uncovered cushions back on the furniture and tuck the slipcover on top of everything. If there is an obvious difference in tint between the muslin cushion area and the rest of the furniture, you will be able to see it. Be sure to view in all the lighting situations common to the covered furniture, as this can also affect the appearance of any obvious show-through.

To measure for your custom cushion slipcovers, I recommend the following:

  • Download the pdf for the cushion cover shape you are ordering and print it.
  • Remove the original slipcover.
  • Turn the original cover inside out.
  • Locate the seam that corresponds to the side you need to measure.
  • Locate the stitching along the the seam. You may need to bend the seam allowance over to clearly see the stitching.
  • Following the stitching, start measuring from where the stitching turns the corner at one end to where it turns the next corner at the other end.
  • Ignore the seam allowances or any clips, folds etc. Just focus on the stitching.
  • Use a flexible tape measure.
  • Round all measurements to the nearest ½”.
  • Note each measure on the pdf printout.
  • Measure everything again.

Do NOT measure the cushion. You are replacing the cover, not the cushion. If your cushions do not have removable covers, please contact Customer Service before ordering. We will need to see photos of the cushions.

Cushions cannot have any curved sides or rounded corners, or have any corners that are not 90°. However, slipcovers are commonly sewn inaccurately. If you find that corners appear slightly rounded due to the way they are stitched or because of extremely heavy fabric, that is not a round corner. Also, sides might not be sewn perfectly straight. A 1″ difference from one side to the other is probably due to inaccurate craftsmanship rather than a defined shape other than a rectangle. If you are not sure, please send photos with your measurements to Customer Service.

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