Slipcover Fitting with Custom Cushions

For Tuck-in Slipcovers with Custom Cushions

    1. Remove the original cushion cover(s) and cover with the custom cover(s). Set aside for now.
    2. Find Center Back Bottom label.
    3. Position the label at center bottom and drape the rest of the fabric over the top of the furniture.
    4. Position the top seam at top of the back rest so that the hem just touches the floor and the Center Back label is centered on the furniture.
    5. Center the top gathers on either side.
    6. Pull cover over the front of the furniture.
    7. Loosely position arm gathers over each arm.
    8. Center the Center Front Bottom label on the furniture.
    9. Pull extra fabric up onto the seat area so that the hem just touches the floor at the front and sides of the furniture.
    10. Smooth fabric on seat area starting at the front edge and pushing the extra fabric to the back and sides of the seat area. Make sure the hem just touches the floor at the front and sides.
    11. Smooth outward from the center backrest cushion and smooth the top of the arms from their front edge to the backrest. Neatly tuck the extra fabric into the sides where the backrest meets the arms.
    12. Smooth outward from the center of the seat area and push extra fabric towards the join where the seat area meets both arms. Keep the gathered sections at the front of each arm in a pleasing and symmetrical position to one another. Smooth any extra fabric at the top of each arm to the back where it can be tucked into the crease where the arms meet the backrest.
    13. Verify that the hem still touches the floor evenly all around the furniture.
    14. Replace the custom covered cushion(s) on the furniture, making sure that pushing them into place does not pull the hem up from the floor. There should be plenty of extra fabric at the back and sides of the seat area to accommodate squeezing the seat cushions into place. You may need to “un-tuck” some fabric to create enough ease for this.
    15. Position the drape of the skirt and hem in a pleasing shape all around.
    16. The tie in the back of the chair or loveseat sizes should drape loosely to the floor.