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Colors display differently on different computer monitors. You might be looking at a muted turquoise button on your Dell laptop while the person next to you sees the same catalog item as royal blue on their MacBook. We have included uncoated Pantone® Color Selector colors listed at the end of the description as a courtesy for those who use printed swatch books for color matching. Our chosen chip colors are approximate! There is nothing scientific about how we choose these colors! The item is matched to the printed chip color by eye in indirect sunlight. That's as technical as we get. If you need additional color information, we suggest you request swatches.

Request Swatches

Many of the items we sell are one-of-a-kind. Many other items are not returnable because they are cut to the customer's specified length. If you need precise fabric information such as hand, weight, texture or color, we suggest you request swatches. We will either mail you small pieces of yardage or in the case of a finished item, e-mail you additional photographs. Items eligible for swatches will have a "Request a Swatch" link at the bottom of the product description. Be sure to include your mailing address in the e-mail message. Swatches are shipped first class mail at no charge. If you would like swatches included in an order you are placing, each product with swatches available will have a link to the swatch in the Related Products area where you can add the swatch to your shopping cart before checkout. Please e-mail Customer Service if you would like additional photographs of any of our products.

Orders & Account Information

Log in to your account where you can update your personal information and view your order history at any time. After checkout, you will receive an e-mail from us describing your order and another e-mail with tracking information after you order has shipped.

Payment, Shipping & Returns

Please see the Terms of Sale page.